Global Prayer Call Conference (May 22-26) in Jerusalem and Tour (May 26-31)

Global Prayer Call Conference (May 22-26) in Jerusalem and Tour (May 26-31)

"50 Years of Reunification of Jerusalem"

“ … until the times of the gentile nations will come to an end.” (Lk. 21,24) “… the Lord will judge all nations that come against Jerusalem …” (Sach 12,9) “O Jerusalem – I have set watchmen on your walls…” (Jes. 62,6)

* Due to new negotiations we can offer some alternatve booking options for this conference. To sum things up, we will be offering 5 different packages now:

1. The standard Coference & Hotel package. This package includes all the costs for the conference, overnight stays in the hotel and full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
This full package is the only package which is effected by the early-bird prices. It costs 945$ up to February 28th and 995$ after that.

2. The Conference & Meals package. This package includes all the costs for the conference, lunches and dinners. It does not include overnight stays or breakfast. This package is not effected by early-bird prices. It costs 495$.

3. The Conference-Only Package. This merely includes the costs for the conference itself. It does not include any meals or overnight stays. This package is not effected by early-bird prices either. It costs 295$.

4. Day Pass with meals: 195$. (without meals 95$)

5. First Event on monday evening: FREE (Registration required)

Dear friends and prayer partners!

Israel will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem on Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem day), on May 24, 2017. In the biblical calendar the 50th year marks the year of jubilee – a prophetic moment of great significance for Israel as well as for the nations! You are invited to be part of the GPC prayer conference which is strategically timed right around this very meaningful date. 

Jesus prophesied that the time of gentile rule over Jerusalem will come to an end. This happened for the first part on May 14, 1948. It happened for the second part on June 7, 1967. With the exception of the Temple mount (mount Moriah).  As we can read in the prophets (Zacharia, Joel, the teachings of Jesus, etc.) the status of Jerusalem and especially the status of the temple mount will be the focus of the final spiritual and physical battles before the return of the Lord.

We, the global praying church, are called to take our place as watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem. Especially at “such a time as this” – as the nations are turning more and more against Jerusalem and especially God’s status of Jerusalem as “the city of the great king” (Mat. 5,35). Against this background 

  • We want to praise our Lord for what He has done for Jerusalem these past 50 years and more!
  • We want to celebrate with Israel!
  • We want to pray for the peace and the fulfilment of all biblical prophecies for Jerusalem
  • We want to intercede for our nations that they will not in any way march against Jerusalem.
  • We want to unite with other intercessors from many nations in Jerusalem.

Please consider prayerfully joining us at this pivotal moment!

Shalom, in HIM,
Harald Eckert and the GPC leadership!


We are still in negotiations with the Knesset and the city of Jerusalem concerning certain events during the conference. Therefore we aren't able yet to give a specific conference-program containing times and places. Thank you for your understanding!

Monday evening, May 22, 2017

  • Dinner
  • Official welcome at approx. 9:30 pm.
  • Worship
  • „Jerusalem in history and prophecy”

Tuesday, May 23 and Thursday 25, 2017

During those two days we will have a free flow of worship, teaching, briefings for prayer, times of prayer and intercession, prophetic elements on the background of the topics, expressed in the introductory text of this invitation. The final gathering of the conference will be on the evening of May 25 at approx. 10 pm..

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

It is planned that we as a conference fellowship together with friends and partners from within Israel and Jerusalem – initiate or participate at a public March of celebration and solidarity in honor of re-united Jerusalem. Please pray that we may be integrated in the official program of the day. Beyond this March, we will participate in a number of events connected to this day and probably close the day with an evening of worship and praise.

Friday, May 26, 2017



The conference will take place in the 4* Dan Jerusalem Hotel. The Dan Jerusalem Hotel offers a premium hospitality experience that combines an idyllic environment with breath-taking vistas. Superbly designed around a series of beautiful patios, the Dan Jerusalem Hotel sits on the historic slopes of Mount Scopus, overlooking Jerusalem’s romantic skyline and surrounded by the rolling hills of Judea.

Speakers and intercessory leaders

Harald Eckert is founding director of the Global Prayer Call, bible teacher and author of a number of books, including “Israel, the Nations and the Valley of Decision”.

Rick and Patti Ridings, Founding director of Succat Hallel – House of prayer 24/7 Jerusalem. As part of the leadership team they will also  be leading worship during the conference.

Dr. Henryk Wieja is a medical doctor and apostolic leader of LIFE & MISSION Ministry in Ustron, Poland. Author, Bible teacher, international speaker, spiritual father.

Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Nwankpa (Intercessors for Nigeria – Nigeria), trained lawyer, provides apostolic leadership to Intercessors for Nigeria and Intercessors for Africa.

Pete Stucken is chairman of Ebenezer Operation Exodus International and is a widely recognised conference speaker on the topic of Aliyah.

Chuck Pierce (Glory of Zion – USA) is founder and president of Glory of Zion ministries, bestseller author and prophetic teacher with an emphasis on Israel and the nations in God’s end-time calendar.

Rev (Dr.) George Annadorai, a former business man, today is a bridge builder between business men and professionals in Asia and Israel through highway@1962 (Jesaja 19 and 62). From 1982-2002 he served as founding senior pastor of an influential local church and from 1995-2005 he served on the leadership team of a singaporean unity movement with over 300 churches involved. Apostle Annadorai received several commendations from the Knesset.

Jobst Bittner is founder of TOS Ministries in Tübingen/Germany, initiator of the March of Life movement which has spread to 14 nations and 350 cities as well as author of the book “Breaking The Veil Of Silence”.

More conference speakers and / or prayer leaders expected.

GPC “after conference” teaching and prayer tour (May 26-31) 

Inspired and united by the conference we are inviting you to continue in the same spirit by travelling through the land, grow deeper into biblical teaching and high level information and pray at some of the “hot spots” of Israel, such as:

  • Prayer on the Wall of Jerusalem and/or on the Mount of Olive
  • Prayer on the northern and/or southern borders of Israel
  • Prayer in Judea

Apart from this we have scheduled the following elements to be included in the tour:

  • Harald Eckert will teach on “Israel, the nations and the valley of decision”
  • Some high rank Israeli officials will inform about current political perspectives – for prayer for our nations
  • We are planning to have different language groups, such as: English, German, French, Polish. A group with translator can be considered when it holds a minimum of 20 persons. If interested, please contact our office.

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