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“Where sin increased, grace increased all the more“ (Rom. 5:20b)

There is a key trait in the character of God that is expressed throughout scripture. Where sin and the abysmal depths of human depravity appear to have won their greatest triumphs, He sovereignly chooses to demonstrate His grace all the more powerfully. 

It is this aspect of God's character that gives me hope for the nation of Germany in the valley of decision. 

This is why I believe that He chooses to raise a call from the heart of Germany to the world for the nations to align themselves with His heart for the Jewish people.

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My Story


for the nations world-wide
to align with God’s heart
for Israel and its people


to the praying body to stand for their own nation, with regard to their relationship towards the Jewish people and Israel


as nations are heading towards
the valley of decision
(Joel 3, Matt 25)


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