70 Years Israel - GPC Conference in Jerusalem, May 2018

Dear GPC-friends from Poland!

I just want to poste a brief note to you via our website: As you can see from our homepage at the website, we are preparing for a next GPC conference in Jerusalem. From May 15-17, 2018 – exactly 70 years after Israel became a modern state. A very prophetic moment.

It is on my heart to let you know that I believe it would a great blessing both for Israel and for your nation, if an intercessory delegation from your nation would be able to be with us at this pivotal moment. Rick Ridings prophesied – and I am in agreement with this – that at this moment in history, within the Jewish calendar year 5778, we will see a paradigm shift for the nations with regard to Israel. With Jerusalem gaining more and more attention we can see the escalation and further moments of decision before our eyes.

Therefore: Please consider prayerfully joining us in Jerusalem in mid-May.

Harald Eckert

PS: As for translation: We could provide equipment for you if you let us know in time – but we cannot provide translation into your language.


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