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100 Days of Prayer

In 2015, the GPC launched a dynamic campaign of “100 days of prayer”, mobilizing hundreds of churches, networks and intercessors around the world to follow a common weekly prayer agenda. 

Those 100 days of prayer were framed by two global conferences: the first in January in Auschwitz (Krakow-Poland) and the second in May 2015 in Jerusalem. 

Each conference gathered more than 350 intercessors from 35 nations and gave opportunity to hear from God and stand in prayer under the guidance of the Holy Spirit for the nations and Israel. 

Our partners for the 100 days of prayer: Christians for Israel International; Ebenezer – Operation Exodus International and European Coalition for Israel.

The 100 days of prayer videos.

A series of 15 weekly videos covering the "100 days of prayer". This series, made in 2015, is designed to be a source of nurture and inspiration for your prayer life as you stand for Israel and the nations.

The series is divided into 3 themes:

Pray for Israel

Pray for your Nation and your Government

Pray for the Church with regard to your Nation and Israel

GPC-Conference Jerusalem, May 2015

Report from Finnish television channel on the conference May 2015 Jerusalem

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Harald Eckert: conclusion of the conference 100 days of prayer


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