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December 2018

Global Prayer Call - A short introduction by the Founding Director of GPC

Monitoring Report April 2018

The first quarter of 2018 saw the leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas (hard-pressed and increasingly isolated of late), seeking support and political backing in the European Union’s capital. His move comes at a time in which the Trump administration is following through with its new approach to the Middle East conflict, in particular regarding the issue of Jerusalem. Years of Abbas’ evasive tactics and threats undercutting direct peace talks, as well as his unilateral actions in the UN undermined not only the possibility for peace, but took their toll on Mahmoud Abbas’ credibility as a partner for peace – at least in the eyes of the Americans.

After the United States had proclaimed their recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and their intent to move their embassy accordingly, Abbas shifted gears. His fury led him to verbally assault various US-leaders including the President, going as far as calling US-Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman “Son of a dog”.

The culmination of his undiplomatic rant against the U.S. was the cancellation of his planned meeting with American Vice-President, Mike Pence, in Ramallah this January. And while Pence was visiting Israel undeterred, proclaiming the U.S. Embassy move this May already as a timely present for Israel’s 70th birthday, Abbas travelled to Brussels to counterbalance this move by seeking recognition of the State of Palestine by the European Union.

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Monitoring Report February 2018

Revelation oath of the coalition talks

After a five-month standoff, during which politicians of the negotiating parties held bored voters at bay with empty rhetoric coming out of all-night negotiation marathons, the party leaders of the CDU/CSU (Christian Democratic and Christian Socialist Parties) and the SPD (German Socialist Party) wrestled their way through to the decision on February 7th that they were willing to enter into this forced marriage. Now, only the majority vote of the members of the SPD stands between the will of the political decision makers and the actual recreation of the "Grand Coalition".

Europe first – means Israel not last, but least

With its Coalition Contract i, this grand coalition positions itself as an opposite pole to Trump's America. While the slogans "America first" and "Make America great again" are defining the politics of national interest in the USA, the so-called GroKo is banking totally on "Europe first". In fact, the preamble of the contract reads like it was written for the next European Commission and not by the future government of a sovereign national state. The dream of the newly designated German Foreign Minister, Martin Schulz, of a United States of Europe found its way anonymously into the Coalition Contract. The absolute focus of Germany's (foreign) policy on Europe does not bode well for the relationship between Germany and Israel.

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Current Prayer Information

Global Prayer Call

Standing together for Israel and the wellbeing of our nations

We live in fascinating times. Israel is being restored before our very eyes. The Middle East is becoming more and more the central focus of most of the challenges facing the world today. Once again, Israel appears to be at the core of world tensions and questions.

The Bible tells us that since the calling of Abraham and the promise of blessings through his posterity (Gen 12), the nations have been facing a major challenge:

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